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Bisley Workwear keeps the Hobbs onsite team comfortable, protected from the sun and looking stylish at all times!

We pride ourselves on a high performing, exceptional quality Carpentry team and this stems from our Buckaroo belts and braces.

Framing made from TRUECORE® steel is Hobbs preferred material  due to its fantastic properties, including being termite and borer proof, not contributing to the spread of fire, and the ease of pre-fabricated installation.

Comfort and safety onsite is paramount and hence we opt for the latest Blundstone Zip Up series in Wheat. 

Proud members and supporters of the nation’s leading industry body – Master Builder’s Queensland – including Luke & Nikki as keynote and video presenters.

Hobbs often road test new Weathertex products range, such as the eco-friendly 75mm Weathergroove and Shingles ranegs.

Canungra Homewares store My Country Escape is a haven for home and fashion goodies; often partnering with Hobbs on social competitions. 


We adore complimenting our homes with Tradco Architectural Hardware, including HobbsHQ spruiking the Salarat Levers sets in matt black.

Are you a brand looking for representation

How does the Ambassadorship program work?

Hobbs are proud as punch of our vision, brand and team and as such leverage our passion to work alongside the industry’s very best brands!

What are the reciprocal benefits?

How about social media collaborations and (paid or organic) promotions, professional photoshoots and video campaigns and presence at live product launches to name a few! However, we’re always open to new ideas and innovative ways to reach our ideal target market and yours.

Yes, you want Hobbs on your team?

Contact us today to discuss your next brand partnership and (many) unique collaborative opportunities brewing at HobbsHQ.

Suggested ways in which we can work together:
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