Hobbs proudly offers tailored Design Packages inclusive of full Project Management, derived by customer demand and ongoing popularity.

Allow our experienced team to undertake all preparatory work and site due diligence for your proposed construction, often inclusive of Town Planning, Architectural plans and Interior Design (to name a few key areas).

With an extensive portfolio of award winning Hobbs designed and constructed projects, we are a one-stop boutique service for exceptional projects and guaranteed enjoyable build experiences!

What do the inclusions of a typical
Design Package entail?

Please find below a (generic) compilation of inclusions, typically ranging from >$20,000 incl GST.
Custom Plans

Do I need to have purchased (and settled) on a block of land before contacting you?

It is incredibly helpful to have a specific site in mind for your new build; to ensure our design team are appropriately crafting for your typography, geography and energy efficiency.
However, often we understand Developments can take (alot!) of time to settle and we recommend getting a headstart on your planning phase now.

Can I design a home with Hobbs if I’m not based in the Scenic Rim region?

Sure thing, if you feel our design ethos resonates with you and your style aesthetic!
However, please bear in mind that it’s highly likely our build team may not be able to execute your construction (while being laser focussed on the Scenic Rim region).

Shall I provide you a comprehensive project brief or rather leave room for interpretation and creativity?

As we move through the Design Package you will be invited to complete (another) questionnaire tailored specifically the design objectives of your project followed by an onsite collaborative briefing. In most instances this information will be more than enough for our creative energies to kick start something truly impressive!

However if you’re the type whom loves a Pinterest board or Sketch up file, then by all means please brief away.

How long does the Design process generally take from start to finish?

Pending the complexity of your project scope (and budget) Design Packages typically run for four to six months (excluding those where a Development Application is triggered).

How many rounds of revisions to the proposed plans do we receive as part of our Design Package?

Kindly note all Design Packages are inclusive of three rounds of revisions + working drawing; which consist of:

  1. Floor plan (initial concept design)
  2. Basic Elevations
  3. Detailed Elevations including Site Plan
  4. Working Drawings
If the estimated build size exceeds the quoted Design Package will a variation fee/s occur?

Hobbs’ Design Packages have been quoted based on the specific build size (agreed by you) and the associated costs, time and professional input required to execute a design of this size.

As you can appreciate if the floor plan increases by more than 10% (due to your requested scope additions) it’s likely further costs will be advised in due course to cater for the additional Design, Engineering and Quoting required.

Can Hobbs facilitate the Development Application process (if triggered)?

Yes! We work with a team of expert professionals such as Town Planners to carry out local and state Government liaison should this be required.

Note we suggest this process typically may add a further six months duration and a minimum $25,000 to your project investment (just to be aware upfront)!

Typically DA’s are triggered in the Scenic Rim if (1) your site falls within key overlays (ie. Koala Habitat), (2) you’re proposing to build a second (or more) dwelling on the one title or (3) are looking to construct or alter commercial infrastructure.

At the completion of the Design Package, will I own the copyright to the completed plans and reports?

Yes, absolutely! Although it is our best intention to build an excellent long term relationship which carries into construction; we do offer peace of mind, if for some unforeseen circumstance you or Hobbs choose not to engage in a construction contract.

Are we guaranteed that Hobbs will be available to deliver our construction contract?

The great news is that Hobbs currently only accepts clients who have participated in our Design Package.
However, a range of factors are used to determine if your project is ‘the right fit’ for our construction team including location, price point and timing (often the most important).

Note due to demand Hobbs are currently experiencing approximate 10-month lead times at present.
For example a typical project timeline may transpire as follows:
Jan-April: Engagement and execution of Hobbs residential Design Package
October: Construction commencement
April: Construction completion


” Your home is a reflection of you and your family and not something that can be chosen from a glossy brochure. That’s why we work to understand your needs, requirements and daily usages to craft functional, light-filled spaces you will love!”



Example of Inclusions


To provide designer and engineer to assist with footings and/or slab design.


A suite of customised and professional eco-plans suitable for Building Approval.


All required Structural Engineering reports (ie. Wind, Footings, Block, Pool and Frame).


HSTP Site Plan including research into eco-friendly cost efficiencies.


BAL rating professionally determined by site typography and geography.


Quick Building Estimate (QBE) based on Preliminary drawings to guide the design.


Engagement of professional Estimator to safeguard both parties and ensure the overall contract is water-tight accurate.


Project Management of professional consultants and Council representatives.


Project Management of professional consultants and Council representatives.


House to Home transformation

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