Celebrating the women in our lives, this Mothers Day

We know it’s a cliche, but every day should be mothers day, aunt days, special mother-type person day.

And we are absolutely sure that every Mother’s Day can articulate difficult, painful and emotive sentiments for some.

The team at Hobbs share these feelings in a myriad of ways and we celebrate the beauty of the special women in our lives that inspire, challenge and lead us.

We take the time to sit with our loved ones that find Mother’s Day hard and a very visible reminder of what they are either missing or never had.

In honour of Mothers Day 2022 the Hobbs team are sharing a few of our favourite gifts (which we like to think are given/shared ‘just because’ on any day of the year, not just Mother’s Day, because we all should be recognising and rejoicing in the spirit of our Mothers and Mother figures).


Your Gift Guide

Nikki, Creative Director


Our styling guru Nikki adores (all) soft linen fabrics, whether that be bed sheets, towels, robes or napkins (to name a few). 

Spoil mum with these waffle styles from Cultiver; pure linen textured with a waffle weave, relaxed and comfortable fit and finished with hip pockets, cropped sleeves and a detachable waist tie.


Ellen, Digital Coordinator

Christmas Creek Produce

We love the use of dehydrated fruit for gatherings, celebrations or simply to pop in a herbal tea.

And, there’s an added bonus of being able to use a lemon or lime when they are not in season… and of course the jars are perfect for a styled #shelfie

With the release of the new Coconut Chilli Salt, its a perfect combination for a quiet afternoon margarita.


Bron, Expert Administrator

Lydias Garden flowers

We do think gifting flowers ‘just because’ should be a weekly habit for the women and Mum’s in our lives, and the beautiful combinations created by the Lydia’s Garden team is the most perfect gift.


Ryley, Lead Designer

Calico Pony

A beautiful statement piece for your walls can both lift or complete your space.

Ryley loves how Calico Pony’s pieces have the ability to either stand out or sit subtly within a curated space.

A Calico Pony piece is a timeless piece to spoil your Mum.


Lee, Site Manager

Scenic Rim Farm Box

A certain favourite for the #HobbsTeam is the food theme of gifting for their Mums and partners.

Lee has chosen to gift both his Mum and his partner customised Scenic Rim farm boxes (which is a win win as no shopping centre visits are required with this one).

Boasting an array of regionally sourced items, it’s a lovely way to either share a meal and the prep time that goes along with it.


Luke, Chief Executive Officer

Canungra Butchery
Give the gift of meat or better still the gift of time and a meal together (see, we really do have a food theme happening for our Mum’s and favourite women happening at #Hobbs).
A celebrated beef brisket #masterchef Luke will be prepping his Canungra Butchery beef a few days ahead in readiness for Mothers Day lunch.


Steve, Experienced Carpenter

House to Home 

Spoil your Mum, your wife, partner or significant other with the gift of advice, inspiration and direction with our signature Hobbs House to Home package.


Jordan, Apprentice

Original artwork @samsuttieart

An original art piece is a unique way to spoil Mum. With each passing Mothers Day, a gallery wall of memories of why and how you chose the piece is a reminder of the year shared and the time ahead together.

Emerging Australian artist Sam Suttie has a paralleling strength and softness strong to her work and it seems to perfectly compliment many characteristics of our Mum’s and the women in our lives.


Blade, Apprentice

My Country Escape
When you don’t know what to get your Mum or favourite Aunty, just head to My Country Escape and let the team show or choose for me of what they think is best.
Most of the time whatever I choose may not be ‘right’ however after a stop at My Country Escape I am confident with ‘their/my’ gifts for Mum.


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